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  • reviewer-image-0

    Money Behaviorial Mistake #1.Loss Aversion

    Financial Therapy | Investments | Personal Finance

    Lessen your fear, because if you let it grow, it is you who will become small...Most of us hate to take losses, and people generally prefer to avoid losses than to achieve gains.

  • reviewer-image-1

    Money Behaviorial Mistake #2.Overconfidence

    Financial Therapy | Investments | Personal Finance

    Ask anyone if they are an above-average or below average driver and most will say they are above-average...

  • reviewer-image-2

    How to Cope With Financial Stress Among Couples

    Financial Planning | Financial Therapy

    Give your stress wings and let it fly away. Life happens. Financial stress is inevitable for most couples. Research has found that...

  • reviewer-image-3

    What is Your "Money Script"?

    Financial Planning | Financial Therapy | Personal Finance

    Money scripts are the unconscious beliefs about money that are rooted in our childhood and ultimately shape our financial health. We ask you to take your Free Checkup, which is a short 12-question money script assessment designed to help you gain insight...

  • reviewer-image-4

    To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop?...

    Financial Planning | Financial Therapy | Personal Finance

    You can never get enough of what you don’t really need. The proliferation of online shopping and auction sites has made the Internet a fertile environment for the growth of compulsive buying and over-consumption.

  • reviewer-image-5

    Money Behavioral Mistake #6. Mental Accounting

    Retirement Planning | Financial Therapy | Personal Finance

    Mental accounting involves treating one dollar different from another depending on where it comes from, where it is kept, and how it is spent. This can lead to being too quick to spend, too slow to save...

  • reviewer-image-6

    Money Behavioral Mistake #3. Fear of Regret

    Retirement Planning | Financial Therapy | Personal Finance

    Regret, is a strong human emotion, and it can come into play with money, and how one invests. Fear of regret may drive someone to buy the latest “hot stock”...

  • reviewer-image-7

    Will Your Past Psychological Trauma Impact Your Financial Decision Making?

    Financial Therapy | Personal Finance

    Financial trauma, or financial stress brought about by past traumatic experiences, does not exist in a vacuum, but occurs within complex interlocking systems of social structure and meaning...

  • reviewer-image-8

    Self-Check on What Can Make or Break Your Financial Plan

    Financial Therapy | Personal Finance

    Each individual and family has their own unique needs, wants, and priorities. At WitsMo we understand that under certain circumstances, it is crucial that you may need to modify these goals.

  • reviewer-image-9

    Money Behavioral Mistake #5. Anchoring

    Financial Therapy | Personal Finance

    Anchoring refers to the tendency to hold to certain beliefs even when faced with new information that should alter those beliefs, thereby creating, in effect, tunnel vision.